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Praise for the Book

“A graceful, well-balanced, and enlightening work. An inspiring philanthropic account that deftly displays the author’s affability, knowledge, and passion.”

Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews

“Like most of us, Stephen Henderson felt guilty about eating well in a hungry world. Unlike most of us, he did something about it. This fascinating tale is incredibly inspiring. Wondering what you can do? Reading this book would be a good place to start.”

Ruth Reichl, Chef, food writer, and host of PBS’s “Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth"

“A captivating and original book. This quest to learn more about gastrophilanthropy is at once a vibrant travelogue and deeply moving search for self. I devoured it and still wanted more!”

Cynthia Nixon, Actor and Activist

“Giving food to the hungry is a sacred responsibility and joy. This beautifully written series of autobiographical vignettes relates how a minister’s child turned world-traveled writer discovered the various ways needy people are fed around the globe. Honest, colorful, and at times even humorous. I highly recommend it.”

Gregory E. Sterling, Dean of Yale Divinity School

“When figuring out how to help the needy, our choices are actually quite simple: clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless, and feed the hungry. We all know this, but too often we’re not sure where to begin. Stephen Henderson decided to start small, by baking up a few batches of cookies. From there, his culinary volunteerism grew, and took him to soup kitchens around the world. His unusual and poignant book may inspire you to light a fire ― under a charitable fry pan, and under yourself!”

Charles King, Chief Executive Officer, Housing Works